I'm Warren, a designer, artist, tinkerer, and leader - with a diverse skill set, and wide-ranging curiosities. I enjoy working on complex problems, especially for mission-minded organizations.

⛰ I am currently on sabbatical ⛰


My last role was as Head of Brand & Visual Design at Khan Academy from 2018-2023. Before that, I was a Principal Designer & Design Manager for Vox Media, Inc. from 2012-2018.

In 2010, I co-founded an investigative non-profit newspaper called Mission & State (formerly NewSource: the Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative) which received major funding from the Knight Foundation (we won the Knight News Challenge).

In 2007, when the internet was still sparkly, I founded and built a hyper-local citizen media platform called City2.O.


I love people. I love building community. I love making things that make life better - and do my best to find a balance between an appreication for complexity, and a 'bias for action'.

I have a unique lens that stems from my background in Cultural (Psychological) Anthropology, and a related interest in Second-Order Cybernetics (a conceptual framework that examines the role of the observer in the process of understanding and studying complex human systems).

In my free time, I've been prototyping a smart light, curating art shows in LA, and helping to build a not-for-profit ISP.


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