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Vox Media, Inc.

For 6+ years, I helped build Vox Media, Inc. - most recently as a principal designer & design manager.

I was lucky enough to work on almost every type of thing Vox does:

I led brand & product design for V2 and V2 of, helped rebrand The Verge, Curbed, Recode & Code Conference/s, led design for 'off-platform' partnerships (Apple, Google, and Facebook), co-led our Revenue Executions team, and art-directed Polygon's long-form editorial features. I also helped create and lead a variety of internal cultural initiatives like design charrette/critique, and vairious product ideation sessions.

I am a generalist, and am always excited to learn more.

Here are some selected projects → (portfolio)

Pacific Standard

I was on the Board of Directors for the Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy - publisher of Pacific Standard Magazine.

Mission & State

In 2012, I was part of a small group of five citizens that co-founded Mission & State (formerly 'Santa Barbara Journalism Initiative'). After countless hours building proposals and planning, we won the Knight News Challenge (1M in funding from Knight and local foundations) to build the non-profit, in-depth online newspaper that we envisioned. Though the project lasted only 2 years (long story with post-mortem forthcoming), I am extremely proud of the work we did.


My involvement with Mission & State wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been obsessed with 5 year long side project, City2.0 (2007-2012. RIP.); a vibrant citizen blog network & headline aggregation tool for Santa Barbara County ( A civic-oriented startup, City2 (at it's peak) was home over 100 blogs providing citizen coverage of local politics, arts, culture, sports, and breaking news.

The Graphic Vendor

I ran a small independent design studio for almost 10 years called The Graphic Vendor, focusing on branding, identity, & web design.

Art + Curation

I sometimes curate independent idea-driven art exhibitions. Instead of doing studio visits and collecting [existing] works for shows, I ask artists I admire to respond (with new work) to an idea.

AOKOA was a Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Los Angeles exhibition in LA's fashion district, exploring the bizarre and redundant design language used to paint RV exteriors.

As a guest curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, I put together THINGS THAT TURN YOUR BRAINS TO MUSH challenging 7 artists to create new works responding to neo-luddism, animated gifs as language.

SUPER SANTA BARBARA II focused on Net Neutrality and it's potential implications for the future of the Santa Barbara region.

I have also been an exhibiting artist since 2003. More about that here.

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