I am a multidisciplinary designer, collaborator and leader. I am currently Head of Brand and Visual Design at Khan Academy. I design and build beautiful products, better culture, and meaningful experiences.

I am passionate about contemporary art, social anthropology, storytelling, design, and journalism - and am always thrilled to discover new ways for them to overlap.


Things I do well

    - Critical thinking and solutions design
    - Building and nurturing good culture
    - Storytelling and data tool creation
    - Empathy / emotional intelligence
    - Branding / brand development
    - Website design & development
    - Project Management
    - Design Direction
    - Visual design
    - Critique
    - UI/UX

Projects & Factoids

Though I design for a living, I do a lot of random things. I'm an artist, curator, journalism geek, and history lover. Some of the things below are accomplishments I'm proud of - others are just weird facts about me:

    - I've been to 18 countries, and 49 US states (damn you, Rhode Island)
    - I am a memberof the American Society for Cybernetics and have a passion for Social Anthropology
    - Life-long sci-fi nerd (TNG, BSG, etc etc)
    - For 15 years, I surfed a waveski
    - I am an Eagle Scout, who sent my medal back to protest the BSAs retrograde stances in the early aughts
    - Served on the Board of Directors for the Miller-McCune Center for Public Policy & Research, publisher of Pacific Standard Magazine

Warren headshot